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Health and Fitness Write for Us – This gives bloggers the chance to submit guest posts for publication on our website. On our Health And Fitness site, we frequently highlight and prefer to spotlight guest writers.

The quickest blogging platform in the world is called Lean and Bulk. We are a platform that is expanding quickly, and we are pleased to announce that starting on September 1, 2022, we will allow guest posts. You may share your thoughts and creations with our devoted audience by writing for us. Your articles about health and fitness are pleased to be invited, if that tickles your fancy.

The policies and procedures to adhere to when working with us are listed below. the guidelines for the contents

What Do We Want to Find?

We’re looking for a group of energetic young people to create engaging and educational articles on health and fitness-related themes for our website and blog. We are available to support your ideas whether you are a novice or an expert.

Who We Reach: More than 10,000 visitors from the global Health and Fitness community visit our website each month.

Our Following: We also published our information on the popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which can help you learn more and highlight new concepts and locations.

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Any of the mentioned subjects are acceptable for guest blogs.

Guidelines for Health and Fitness Write for Us

You thus indicate that you accept these conditions by writing a guest post for consideration.

1 Quality :

Content must be of a high standard, well-researched, and fact-based to avoid casting doubt on its veracity. Instead of being a recommendation, it must be novel and user-friendly. Articles providing useful advice and real-world examples will be preferred.

2 Originality: 

To retain credibility, do identify the data’s original sources and avoid plagiarism in your work. Before posting, we do check it. Each and every guest post must be genuine and original (never before published). Nowhere in the search engine should your guest article be found. As soon as your post is accepted for publication, you guarantee that it won’t be used elsewhere and allow us the copyright to hold it.

3. Format: 

A well-maintained format, including the correct use of bullets, headers, and paragraphs, makes reading easier for the reader and attracts their attention.

  • Clarify and simplify your sentences.
  • Each point may be distinguished from one another and the article is made neater by using bullet points.
  • When reading lengthy articles that fail to consider paragraph structure, use bold highlights.

4. Word count: 

The minimum word count is 750, however because making the passage informative is one of our main tenets, it can be exceeded.

5. Paid Guest Post :

To post paid articles, reviews, and promotions on our website. Please send an email to with any questions about sponsored posts.


Include at least 3 photographs that are pertinent to the article’s content. Images should be small (less than 100kb).

7. Request for Article Removal

Your post will become the exclusive property of our website if it is approved for publication on it. There will be no approval of any removal requests.

Reach out to us at Health and Fitness Write For Us 

If you accept the terms and conditions, submit your topic suggestions together with the published work to, or you may just fill out the form to get in touch with us.

We are excited to acknowledge you as a guest author and promote your excellent work on our website.