Health and Fitness Write for Us: Guest Blogging Opportunity

Welcome to the Health and Fitness Write for Us program – an exciting chance for bloggers to contribute guest posts to our esteemed website. Here at our Health and Fitness platform, we take great pleasure in featuring and showcasing talented guest writers.

Introducing Leannbulk, the world’s fastest-growing blogging platform. We are thrilled to announce that, starting from September 1, 2022, we will be accepting guest posts. This is your opportunity to share your insights and creations with our dedicated audience by becoming a contributor. If you have a passion for health and fitness, we cordially invite you to be part of our endeavor.

Outlined below are the policies and procedures to be followed when collaborating with us, along with the guidelines for content submission.

What Are We Seeking?

We are in search of a vibrant community of enthusiastic individuals who can create captivating and informative articles on health and fitness-related topics for our website and blog. Regardless of your level of expertise, we are here to support and nurture your ideas.

Our Audience: Every month, our website attracts over 10,000 visitors from around the world who are passionate about health and fitness.

Our Reach: In addition to our website, we share valuable information on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing you to explore new concepts and reach wider audiences.

Topics We Welcome:

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Please feel free to choose any of the mentioned subjects for your guest blog.

Guidelines for Health and Fitness Write for Us

By submitting a guest post, you indicate your acceptance of the following conditions:


  1. We expect high-quality content that is well-researched, factual, and maintains a standard of excellence. Instead of offering mere recommendations, strive to present novel and user-friendly articles. We value informative advice and real-world examples.


  1. To maintain credibility, please attribute original sources to the data you present and avoid any form of plagiarism. Our team conducts thorough checks before publishing. Each guest post must be genuine, original (never before published), and not indexed by search engines. Once accepted for publication, we request exclusive rights to the content.


  1. Ensure your content follows a well-organized structure with appropriate use of bullets, headers, and paragraphs. This enhances readability and captures readers’ attention.
  • Simplify and clarify your sentences.
  • Employ bullet points to distinguish key points and maintain article clarity.
  • Use bold highlights when discussing lengthy topics that lack proper paragraph structure.

Word Count:

  1. While the minimum word count is 750, we encourage exceeding it when necessary to deliver comprehensive and informative articles.

Paid Guest Post:

  1. We offer opportunities for sponsored articles, reviews, and promotions on our platform. For any inquiries regarding sponsored posts, kindly contact us at


  1. We request a minimum of three relevant photographs to accompany your article. Please ensure that the image files are small, preferably less than 100kb.

Article Removal Requests:

  1. Once your guest post is approved and published on our website, it becomes the exclusive property of our platform. Removal requests will not be entertained.

Get in Touch with Health and Fitness Write for Us

If you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above, please submit your topic suggestions along with your completed work to James.