What are High Carb Foods

In simple language, high-carb food means that food which has a large number of nutrients and carbohydrates in food. Generally, there are five nutrients named carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. All have their different role. No doubt carbohydrates are present in healthy as well as unhealthy items and they can be of two types: Simple Carbohydrates: have sugar content present in food items mainly honey, and fruit juices.

Complex carbohydrates: they can be broken into simple sugars such as rice, bread, cereals, etc.

Benefits of High Carb Diet

1. Makes You Happy: Carbs make you feel happier. Just imagine a bowl of pasta in front of you. It’s very tasty but due to certain chemical reactions in the brain and serotonin is released, which makes you feel calm and happy.

2. Reduces Bloating: The slow digestion of complex carbo food leads to sometimes acidity and bloating-like conditions but fruits, and cereals contain good fiber content and hence prevent bloating

3. Reduces Cardiac Diseases: It is observed that carbs can benefit you or destroy you as beans and oats are good in fiber so they help in controlling blood pressure and lowering cholesterol but if you are taking more cheesy pasta it results in increased blood pressure and heart diseases.

4. Boosts Energy:  Food keeps us healthy and when the food gets digested it breakdown into small molecules and provides energy and increases the metabolism of the body.  Sometimes we feel lazy in the morning but taking a carbo diet keeps you energetic.

5. Helps in Digestion: Normally, carbohydrates are important for the stomach and intestine as they are effective in removing constipation, and waste removal, the fiber in the food cuts cancer too.

6. Improves Muscle Strength and Mass: When you do workouts you should prefer high-carb foods mainly glycogen, during the workout body converts glycogen into ATP molecules for energy use. If you take a low-carb diet then you will have less energy and the workout will not be up to that level.

How to be Healthy by Taking a Carbohydrates Diet

1.  Eat Wholegrains in the Morning: Many people consume a light diet of brown bread and oats. It should be the person’s priority as it has low sugar content.  Eat cereal that has at least 4 grams of fiber and less than 8 grams of sugar per serving as cereals also have sugar.

2.  Eat Fruits Instead of Drinking Juice: One orange has twice the fiber and half the sugar of a 12-ounce glass of juice. Juice contains various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins but fruits have a good amount of fiber helpful for your body.

3.  Buy Fewer Potatoes, Instead Focus on Green Vegetables: Potatoes promote gaining weight, eat beans are slowly digested carbohydrates.

High Carb Foods List

1. Potatoes: Potatoes are a high source of carbohydrates however sugar in them can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes and non-starchy items such as whole grains, and beans are found to be healthy.

2. Cereals: It is found that cereals that are rich in sugar contain the same amount of carbs as a plate of French fries, that’s why starting a day with cereals is not a good option.

3. Oats: Oats are a kind of whole grain. There are different varieties of oats such as rolled, steel cut, etc. If we take a bowl of uncooked oats, it provides 103 g of carbohydrates.

4. Fruits: Fruits such as bananas, apples, and mangoes have good nutritional content. It is estimated that one medium apple contains 20.6g of carbohydrates. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

5. Dates: A fruit that is rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus and there are 18g of carbohydrates in one date.

It’s found that high-carb foods are there which are not beneficial for the body. They are unhealthy and a person should avoid eating them such as potato chips, white bread, white rice, sodas, white pasta, sugary juices, etc.


So at last carbohydrates provides the body with the glucose that helps in converting to energy and with that energy we can do physical work and other activities. No doubt excess of everything is bad and carbo also. Excess of potatoes can lead to obesity. Nutrition is very important for our health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give some examples of high-carb foods.

Potatoes, cereals, green vegetables, oats, cereals, fruits, etc.

Can there be any bad side to eating more carbohydrates? Elaborate

Yes, excessive of everything are bad and it leads to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. we should avoid overeating.

What relevance do carbohydrates have in diet?

Carbohydrates provide the body with the glucose that helps in converting to energy and with that energy we can do physical work and other activities.