Understanding: The Magic of Cupping Massage


Cupping massage is very important to relieve stress and pain in the body. It is beneficial because people all over the world are so much busy with their daily schedules, they don’t have enough time to go for a walk in the morning and evening.

The young generation prefers to eat fast food to make themselves happy and fresh. But freshness is not coming from all our eating habits and makes us busy all the time in our daily lives.

Cupping massage is mainly known by the people of China and the middle east. 

In this massage, proper cups are kept on the skin to generate pressure. The [ressure which is generated after placing cups is known as the suction effect.

With the help of a healer, this massage can be performed. A healer put cups in different parts of the body on the skin like the neck, back, or shoulders. 

The cups are made up of glass, bamboo, paper, or silicone and they are available in the market in different sizes.

According to the requirement, a person can buy these cups.

A healer makes suction from the cup after making the air hot and pulls the skin from the cup. He also uses his hand method to extract the air. This process gives a lot of relaxation in the parts of the body where it happens and releases a lot of stress and tension.

This process makes proper blood flow in those areas and gives proper oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

There are so many parts of the body in which many times cells get damaged and skin becomes so tight and rough. This results in damage to the skin also.

Many skin problems also occur at the same time to not getting a proper amount of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin. 

Therefore these messages after properly taking pieces of advice from healthcare are very much usable. These are not common but people all over the world now get in touch with each other through social media platforms and the good thing they are also adapting from international countries.

Benefits of Cupping Massage

  1. Improved Circulation: In the body parts where this massage takes place proper blood flows and tissues get the proper amount of oxygen. This results in releasing of stress and tension.
  1. Muscle relaxation: After placing the cups, when it pulls the skin and the air becomes hotter than before due to a flame, the muscles are greatly relaxed.
  1. Reduction of Infection: Many skin care professionals prefer to perform this massage to reduce skin infection and skin part get desired tissues and cells. It also avoids any cell or tissue damage in the body.
  1. Increase the Range of Motion: To do this massage, there are some steps to take, and if a person follows these steps, then flow motion and flexibility of skin take place, due to which skin gets energy and becomes healthy.  
  1. Release of Endorphins: Our body contains some natural pain killers which are called endorphins that are responsible to remove pain and giving proper relaxation to the body.
  1. Stress Reduction: This massage is done to get a proper amount of relaxation in the body that’s why this is very best to do.

Types of Cupping Massage

  1. Dry Cupping: This method is very popular, these cups are placed on the skin, and pressure is applied on the skin by heating the air inside the cups to release stress and tension. There are so many marks on the skin that get to take place and they do not harm or give pain but they leave the skin after several days.
  1. Wet Cupping: This massage is the same as dry cupping but in this small cuts are produced to let the blood come out from these and this is called blood cupping massage.
  1. Massage Cupping: This is a massage in which cups are moved around the skin as if they were hands to perform any massage. From this, a person gets proper relaxation and reduces stress.
  2. Fire Cupping: In this massage, pressure is created by heating the air with a flame. After heating, the air cups are placed on the skin. This gives proper relaxation to the skin. This Massage is called “fire cupping”.
  1. Silicon Cupping: This silicon is much softer than glass and bamboo. This feels so soft and good to move the silicon cups around the skin and do a proper massage.


This cupping massage is very good to do because it has so many benefits. According to skin disorders, healthcare gives different cupping massages to different people. A person should always first take advice from his healthcare provider, and under proper guidance, this massage should do the trick. This is developing nowadays in the country.


What is cupping massage?

Cupping massage is a process that creates suction by placing cups on the skin of the body and prevents tissue damage by giving the cells the proper amount of oxygen. This may give proper circulation, induce relaxation, and reduce stress in the muscles of the skin.

Is cupping massage safe?

Yes, this is safe, but we should always do this massage under the guidance of a trained therapist because this may reduce the chances of injury and pain.

Is this massage painful?

No, this massage is not painful and is very good. People experience some pressure on the skin, but that is part of this massage.

What are the benefits of this massage?

There are many benefits of this massage, like how it reduces stress and gives relaxation, flows the blood properly, and gives oxygen to tissues of the skin; how it reduces infection; and how the skin becomes healthy.

How many times should a person do this massage?

The period depends from person to person. Some people get benefits in two weeks, and some take more time. But it all depends on the skin conditions of a person.

What are the marks left by cupping massage?

The marks are because cups develop on the skin when proper pressure is applied to it to create suction. These marks are circular and oval. They are red and purple.