Lifetime Fitness – Everyone Need To know

Fitness is a term that can have different meanings for certain people. You can define it as a way to stay healthy. Other people might define it as the peak physical prowess of a human body or how athletic a person is. However, the most basic definition of fitness is the overall health or well being of a person. The meaning of being ‘fit’ is not just physical, it includes your mental and emotional health as well.

What is Lifetime Fitness?

Lifetime Fitness is basically planning to efficiently improve your health throughout your lifetime with the help of a step by step routine that will help you achieve your future health goals. This will help in the prevention of terminal illnesses in the future and will make sure that you will be fit and healthy even when you’re old. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same physical prowess as when you were young but it means that you won’t have the problems that most people your age will have when they’re old.

An adult between the ages of 18-65 should get at least 25-30 minutes of exercise in a day”, this is according to the American Heart association. The time for the exercise doesn’t have to be completed in one session, it can be divided throughout the day. This increases efficiency and you can do the workouts anywhere. The workouts should be set in such a way that your daily schedule remains unaffected. You don’t have to go to the gym for this, you can do normal cardio exercises anywhere. The best way is to divide the 30 minutes into intervals of ^ minutes throughout the day. One can easily take out 5 minutes every 2-3 hours for these workouts. As you get more used to the workout routine, increase the time as you’re going to get older and at that age you tend to gain weight.

 The most important strategy for successful workout routines is to keep them fun and exciting. Don’t repeat the same workouts over and over, instead try new things and input them in the workouts. If you don’t like the workouts at any point just try something new. Instead of jogging one day, ride a bike that day or go play a sport or visit a new park and just walk around enjoying the scenery.

What constitutes as being fit

Being fit should be a goal for everyone as it will help you to reach your goals throughout your life. It is a stepping stone towards having your dream lifestyle. Your physical fitness has five basic parts:

  1. Strength
  2. Cardiorespiratory fitness
  3. Endurance
  4. Flexibility
  5. Body composition

Your health and well being is heavily dependent on your physical fitness as without it you won’t be able to do everyday tasks that help you lead your life for example; walking, carrying groceries, jumping, running, etc. Physical fitness is also a way to prevent illnesses like heart diseases, diabetes, etc.

Whatever your definition of fitness will be, it will be defined by three aspects:

  1. Your interests
  2. Your realistic physical capabilities
  3. Your future goals

 After you have your definition of what fitness is and you start to make changes to your lifestyle according to the above listed aspects, you will realise that being healthy is having a fit body, mind and spirit.

Your goals related to fitness should always be realistic. They should be achieved in such a way that your important day to day activities will not be undermined. Do not take exercise schedules or timetables which weigh much more than what you can manage.

Functional fitness

A type of fitness is called functional fitness. Functional fitness is a branch of training that helps the body prepare for real-life movements and tasks. It is also known as functional training or functional movement. This is based on real life movements that you make everyday to complete different activities which are not related to the exercises or postures you do while working out. For example, lifting 100 kilos might be an activity that you excel at in the gym but you might injure your back or arms by getting a suitcase into the back of your car or on top of the roof of your car.

You have to get the hang of the fundamentals before you move without restrictrictions in your daily life, without worrying about damage. These include power, range of motion, strength, coordination, and balance. Building and focusing on these areas of your training will have a lot of advantages that carry over to your daily life.

It is something which is ingrained in all of us to be functionally fit. For certain movements and tasks, our bodies were designed so that all of our muscles work together. It is not natural for the body to add mass by isolating particular muscle groups.

Reason behind Why People don’t pay attention to Fitness

In today’s era of globalisation, people are engaged in multiple activities. Their main target is to live in a comfort zone and enjoy life. Also even the youngsters are involved in such activities, a report shows that an average Indian uses 2.5 hours to surf social networking sites. This leads to time wasting and not using the resources to optimum level.

The average lifespan of an Indian is 69 years, which is not a good sign. If we have a glance at the average lifespan of Japan, then it’s 82 years.

So the question rises here, where are we lacking?

To answer this question, I would like you to share some following points:-

●     India is the oldest nation in the world with a rich and vibrant culture. But this changed completely during 18th century

●     Most people were engaged in the agriculture field, but once globalisation started, people started earning money with less effort.

●     In ancient times, people used to walk even for longer distances, but it changed completely when transport was introduced.

●     People used to eat healthy food, but now they are more focused on junk food.

●     Knowledge was with a wide old man, but today fake knowledge can be spread easily.

●     People were more productive but now are smart.

●     Their life schedule was so good that there was no need to practice hard work to stay healthy, but nowadays gyms are common to workout.

●     People were more focused and used to rely on domestic activities which somehow contribute progressively, but nowadays stress is common and several people are sick of sleeping.

If we talk about this 21st century modern decade, we often see that people used to copy the trend, especially on social networking media. They feel proud to follow their favourite stars and heroes , which too somehow make them aware to be fit and healthy.

With the help of Google and YouTube, people can easily find out what’s more beneficial for them in-order to consume and work.

I would like to share some tips and tricks that one follow and adapt in their day to day life :-

●     The very first and most important is to use less social media as it diversifies your mind and makes you less focus on your goals and aims.

●     One should not use the phone 30 minutes prior before sleeping.

●     Do workout 4 times a week.

●     Eat healthy and nutritious food. Prefer to eat home made food.

●     Follow a balanced diet and get yourself involved in practical work.

●     Stay away from smoking and consume less alcohol.

●     Avoid late night parties and spend time with your loved ones  and dears.

●     Find yourself more and more energetic and enthusiastic.

●     Be confident and self reliant.

What should we do to become Lifetime Fitness?

Health is an essential aspect of our lives. Best way to improve health is doing exercise and having a healthy balanced diet. Environmental factors matter a lot. Exercise improves both mental and physical health and it gives Alltime fitness too. Exercise is considered the most effective method of improving and developing health status.exercise is beneficial and key to health but I also believe nutritious and balanced diet also plays a vital role in order to keep the body fit, healthy and for giving lifetime fitness. There is no doubt that exercise is essential for physical and mental health. It strengthens our bones and muscles and also controls our sugar levels.

Day to day physical activities helps the body to reduce weight by burning extra fats and also controls sugar and cholesterol level in blood which can be the cause for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer and many other heart related problems. On the other hand, a diet which is full of nutritions is mandatory for proper growth and a longer life. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot of water boosts up your metabolism. Saturated food is not appropriate for health like it cause so many health issues and also cause obesity people gain weight and obese is the major cause of diseases. So Exercise is key to lifetime physical fitness. You should tailor your exercise program to your needs and fitness level.


All in all, Health and Fitness is a very important issue that everyone needs to introduce to their lives as this is the time of high obesity where the internet has taken over and being lazy is the easiest as it has ever been. Everything you want or need can be ordered or bought through the internet stores. Lifetime Fitness is a way to prevent illness in the future so that you won’t regret your life when you’re old and sick, instead you will enjoy life to the fullest with your family and friends disease-free.