What is The Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home

To lose weight people either choose dieting or exercising. And exercising is more suitable for losing weight because while exercising we burn calories and it helps in losing weight as well as makes our body fit and healthy.

There are numerous exercises available for us but the Best exercise to lose weight are listed below:

1. Yoga– Currently Yoga is the most popular and best exercise for losing weight. While doing Yoga our body burns enough calories that help in weight loss and also make our body fit, perfect, and more healthy. Yoga enhances not only our physical health but our mental health also. The main benefit of Yoga is that we can practice it at any place according to our choice, either in the home, park, or in yoga classes.

2. Jogging/ Running: It is the best exercise to lose weight.  The difference between these two is – Jogging pace (Speed) is slow as compared to Running. At the time of Jogging or Running we burn calories and belly fat that help in losing weight. Both these exercises do not require any special place to perform, they can be performed at any place.

3. Weight loss Training – Nowadays many people prefer Weight training to lose weight as it helps burn lots of calories. Also, It helps strengthen our bones and increases our metabolic rate. It is also observed that our body burns more calories in weight training as compared to aerobic exercises, so it is considered the best exercise to lose weight.

4. Walking– It is the simplest form to lose weight and is very convenient to perform without needing any special place or equipment. Walking is a type of exercise that can be done on a regular basis by people of all age groups. In starting walk around 25 or 30 minutes, and after some days you can increase your timing.

5. Cycling– It is also good exercise to lose weight. It also enhances our fitness. In earlier periods it was done outside, but in recent times it is also performed in the gym. People who regularly cycle can take advantages like- weight loss and low risk of various harmful diseases like cancer etc.

6. Swimming– it is a fun-based exercise that is also a hobby of various people and also helps in burning calories and ultimately helps in losing weight. It is observed that a 70 kg weighted person can burn around 233 calories if he swims for half an hour. Also, swimming makes our body more flexible and prevents our body from various diseases.

7. Skipping rope– It is a type of exercise that makes our complete body fit and also helps in reducing stress. It also helps in burning calories, strengthening muscles, enhancing metabolism, and increasing your heart rate which further helps in the faster pumping of blood in your body. It can also be done outside or inside a home.

8. Push-ups- Pull-ups are very effective and the best exercise for weight loss. Both exercises help in burning enough calories that are required for weight loss. They can be practiced at any place, and anywhere. Also, these exercises give strength to our muscles and make them strong.

9. Climbing on Stairs– It is also the best exercise to lose weight and you can lose enough weight if you regularly do this. Also makes your muscles and bones strong and healthy.

10. Hiking– if you love adventure in your life and want to reduce weight then this will be the best exercise for weight loss. In this you have to walk continuously in nature ignoring roots or any other obstacle, you just have to walk on. So above are some of the best exercises to lose weight.

The benefits of these above exercises are:

  • Weight loss.
  • Makes bones and Muscles strong.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Increase the level of energy in the body.
  • Reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.
  • It Gives relaxation to the body.
  • Reduce depression level.
  • Make your body completely healthy and productive.


So, the conclusion is if you want to live healthily and fit in your life, you should engage yourself in the exercises mentioned above. These not only help in losing weight but also improve your mental health. So, exercises should be practiced regularly for the overall growth of a person.