What is Strength Training?

STRENGTH TRAINING:  also known as resistance training, in simple language it means the exercises and physical movements done by a person to boost the stamina, endurance, strength, and stability of a human being. It helps a person to remain mentally fit and healthy. What actually happens is when a person starts doing physical exercise in that case , he/she suffers muscle cramps and pain also after the body adapts itself then the cramps slowly slowly reduces. Hence, strength training produces lactate in the muscles and when regular exercise will be done ,it leads to adaptations in muscles and it will help to control lactate level from increasing and maintain the balance in the body.  Truly saying  a person who properly performs the exercises, strength training helps in increasing the chance of strength, capacity ,increases the muscle, tendon, ligament and bone strength. Generally regular exercises help you to be positive and fresh. Strength training is an anaerobic activity.


1.AGILE STRENGTH: It includes forward, lateral or backward movement of body and in all directions. In agile training, exercises are there so that our capacity to change directions during movement will increase.

2. ENDURANCE STRENGTH:  In this the body requires both aerobic and anaerobic respiration which helps to improve our body posture and balance.

3.EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH: It is the strength and force exerted  by a person in a very little time.

4. MAXIMUM STRENGTH: It refers to the maximum force used by a person to lift heavy weight or heavy load.

5.SPEED STRENGTH: It means how fast running we can do by setting some targets.


1.BOOSTS THE STAMINA AND INCREASES STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE: firstly strength training involves physical movement so definitely it will help to do some routine life difficult tasks such as lifting up heavy loads . Sometimes what happens is that after running a person gets weary so strength training will reduce the capacity of fatigueness and will make you more energetic.

2.INCREASES THE FLEXIBILITY: Physical exercises increase the flexibility and maintain a good posture,body shape and reduce the rigidness of the body,you can easily do any work and also prevent injury risks also.

3. MANAGE OR LOSE WEIGHT AND ABDOMINAL FAT: Obesity or overweight leads to various chronic diseases such as heart disease and liver diseases, diabetes and cancer. Training helps  to reduce abdominal fat and  make the body leaner.

4. LOWERS THE RISK OF INJURY:  Flexibility of body reduces the injury risk and if regularity is maintained then strength itself comes and protects the body from injury. It makes our muscles,tendons, ligaments stretchable.

5. IMPROVES THE HEART HEALTH: Strength training can lowers the blood pressure and improves the blood circulation in the body. The main cause of heart disease is the increase in high blood sugar level.

6.OXYGEN SUPPLY IN THE BODY INCREASES: Strength training increases the supply of oxygen in the body.

HOW?  After exercise the body needs more  oxygen due to gasping and fast breath and produces carbon dioxide. The heart pumps the oxygen to the muscles and body parts which do the exercise. So our body uses more oxygen and releases more carbon dioxide.

7. BURN CALORIES:   while doing exercise our body needs more energy  and that comes by burning fat.

8. BODY IMAGE: Research shows that regularly exercising not just gives all these benefits but also improves the physical appearance and body image of a person. It helps in maintaining the physique and figure.

9. KEEP YOU ENERGETIC AND POSITIVE:  strength training keeps a person motivated and full day energetic and it has been found that a person can get rid of depression,anger and boosts your inner confidence also.

10. LONGER LIFE SPAN: Strength training offers a longer life to a person. A 2017 report in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition And Metabolic Care suggested that muscle strength can also serve as a better measure of a person’s overall health.


In today’s life there is nothing above health and good health can be achieved by a regular workout,breathing exercises and proper sleep, good diet . Train your body in such a manner that it can adapt to every environment. Just like coin has two sides similarly, strength training is kinda expensive and there is a large risk in injuries. But these disadvantages are nothing in front of wholesome benefits hence exercises should be done on a regular basis.


Q 1: Is there any difference between yoga and strength training? Discuss.

ANSWER:  Yoga is basically a technique to keep mind and body fit for spiritual enlightenment  but strength training and different types of exercises focuses on targeted fitness and building muscles and maintaining physique.

Q2:What is strength training? Discuss impact in  day to day life.

ANSWER: It means the physical movements and exercises done to boost   stamina and strength of body. In day to day life, exercise protects you from various diseases and manages the weight, keeps us healthy in all forms.

Q3: Workout is good for the body. How?

ANSWER: It has so many benefits such as increasing the strength and endurance, increases the flexibility, manages or looses the belly fat,burns the calories,provides a longer life span.