Benefits of Massage Therapy | Types of Massage Therapy

People are seeking relief in this world of stress, anxiety, and restlessness. They resort to every means to pacify their body and soul.

Body massage is one such means which can provide relaxation to your body and mind. Let us take a glance at body massage and its types and benefits.

What is a body massage?

Body massage is the rubbing and kneading of muscles by a therapist with bare hands, elbows, fingers, feet or with a device.

It relieves the body from pain and stress.

The practice of massage can be traced back to 2400 BC and the ancient records of Ayurveda have noted down on the practice of body massage. This has its roots in many ancient civilizations.

Massage Therapists are known as masseuses (female) and masseurs (male).

Types of massage therapy

Various types of body massage are in practice. Each type is specialised to have a desired effect on the body and mind. The three most prominent types are given below.

Swedish Massage Therapy

It is one of the commonly opted therapies and is mainly for the relaxation of the body. Therapists use actions such as kneading, rolling, and tapping and may also use lotion or oil to prevent friction. This generally boosts energy and the overall health of the body.

Best for relaxation, sleep, stress, relief

Deep tissue Massage

It is as popular as Swedish massage. However, more pressure is applied as it targets the inner layer of muscles and tendons. This type is most suited for athletes and people with injuries as it eases the process of healing by relaxing the contracted muscles.

Best for; revitalising, deep relaxation 

Sports Massage

This therapy is for people engaged in intense physical activities and can be customised according to their needs. It focuses on certain areas that need care and helps to remove toxins accumulated due to intense activity.

Best for; Relaxation, injuries

Benefits of massage therapy

Body massage can soothe the mind, provide relief from physical pain and reduce the stress of the body. Each type of massage has a special technique. There are numerous benefits of massage therapy. Some key benefits are discussed below

Stress relief

Massage offers the body relaxation from stress. Mind is closely related to muscles. Since muscles are released, the mind also becomes relaxed. Stress is reduced when our breathing is free and normal. Easing the tension of muscles in the shoulder, neck and chest can facilitate smooth respiration. This results in a reduction in anxiety and promotes mental alertness.

Reduction of muscle tension

This reduces muscle and joint tensions. It can even prevent future problems and can accelerate healing from injuries. Massage has been shown to increase the range of motion and can reduce pain. It can rehabilitate injured muscles and increase flexibility. This may reduce the stiffness of the joints and can ease the movements

Boosts the immune system

One of the major benefits of body massage can be seen in the immune system. Regular massage of the body helps in flushing out the toxins and increases the activity of white cells which are responsible for the protection of the body from diseases. This can simulate the nerves which in turn allow the glands to release white cells.

Improvement in sleep

The relaxation getting from massage can affect sleep. This can increase the quality of sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep can solve half of the issues, both physical and mental. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep which can be increased through massage. This can reduce insomnia and enhance relaxation and sleep.

Enhancement of skin tone

Massage can increase the elasticity of the skin. With the reduction in stress and anxiety, there is a reduction in wrinkles. The removal of toxins and increased blood flow can supplement the glow of the skin. Face massage can release the tension of muscles in the face 

Inform the Therapist If

●     There is an allergy especially skin allergy to any products

●     Had undergone any surgery or suffered any injuries

●     Any illness

●     Too much pressure is applied

Sum Up

Body Massage can give a holistic improvement of health both physically and mentally. There are various types, each has its own specifications. The benefits of massage are multitude, which includes both physical and mental states. Always approach a registered therapist for body massage to reap its full benefits.


Q. What will be the duration of the massage?

Ans. A full-body massage is generally 50 minutes massage. Duration varies depending on the type of message.

Q. What to wear to a massage?

Ans. Always wear something comfy. Undress only up to your comfort level. The therapist will leave the room while undressing and dressing after the massage.

Q. How often should one get a massage?

Ans. It is advisable to get at least a massage once in three weeks. It is better to get one every week or two weeks.