Best Lean bulk meal plan in 2022

Best Lean bulk meal plan in 2022

If you are unaware of the term “lean bulk,” then I would like to inform you that it is a bodybuilding term used to build the mass and muscles of the body to reduce the fat to the least quantity possible.

To achieve the target of lean bulk, you will have to follow a strict diet plan that will help you to gaining. This article will discuss the Lean bulk meal plan that is not for beginners but for those who have been working out for 2-3 years. So be sure to read the article till the end not to miss any critical details.

Breakfast and Pre-Workout Nutrition

The first meal of the day is the breakfast/pre-workout meal, and it is the most important meal. After having this meal, you can start with your exercises as this meal sets your body to react in the best possible way to the activities.

In this meal, you can have 100 grams of oats, which needs to be boiled for 2-3 minutes with water, and after the boiling is over, you can mix in one banana of 65-75 grams. Along with it, one scoop of whey protein needs to be added, and lastly, black raisins to make the meal appear attractive and delicious. This meal will result in a high quantity of carbohydrates and proteins.

I know many of you will not like having oats for breakfast, and therefore, in that case, you can have brown bread and eggs as their substitute. But, I recommend consuming oats as it contains fibre, a slow-digesting nutrient that slowly gets digested in your body and will provide you with the required energy throughout your workout. And as recommended, if you add a scoop of whey protein, it can give you spectacular results.

Meal No. 2: Post-Workout Meal

After 45 minutes to 1 hour of doing the workout, the second meal of the day, the post-workout meal, must be consumed. For this meal, you will need to add one scoop of whey protein isolate, a banana, and chilled water. The combination needs to be blended in a mixture, and once it is done, the smoothie is ready to be consumed. Similarly to the pre-workout meal, this meal is also rich in nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins with little fat.

I am sure many of you consume only protein in your diet for the post-workout meal, which is good. Still, it is recommended to add a source of fast-digesting carbohydrates in addition to the protein to increase the process of muscle synthesis. In the above scenario, a banana was added to the whey protein, increasing muscle synthesis and replenishing the glycogen that is exhausted during a workout.

Meal No. 3—Lunch

After completing our first two meals of the day, it is now time for the third meal of the day, which is lunch. At this meal, you can consume egg-fried rice, which tastes delicious and is easy to make. You will need 305 grams of cooked white rice, four whole eggs, and three egg whites to make this meal. This meal is highly rich in carbohydrates and proteins and can give you more than 650 calories.

If you want to add other substitutes for white rice in your diet during lean bulking, then you can opt for brown rice, whole wheat chapati, or whole wheat bread. But white rice is recommended since it is one of the best sources of simple carbohydrates, which will be absorbed by your body very quickly and provide energy.

Meal No. 4-Evening Snack Meal

After the first three meals, it is time for meal four, the evening snacks. For this meal, you can have the same thing that you had for the pre-workout meal: oats, a banana, and a scoop of whey protein.

Meal No. 5—Dinner

Now comes the time for the last meal of the day, which is dinner. For this meal, you can have chicken fried rice, which will fulfil the nutritional requirements and taste well. Similar to all the previous meals, this too is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and can provide you with more than 500 calories.


In this blog we discussed “Best Lean bulk meal plan in 2022”. The best meal ideas for those who want to lean and bulk. If anyone has queries related to this blog then, you can contact us without any hesitation.