Learn Health Education in 2022

Health Education means teaching humans about health. It means to inform everyone about the issues related to health and to teach everyone about maintaining their personal health. Health here means physical health, emotional health, mental health, social health, and all other types of health.

Nowadays people are more focused on their health. Health issues are most important and everyone is concerned about their health. Neglecting health simply means calling out disease. Yes, if a person neglects their health, then the person would catch diseases like disabilities, premature death, fast aging, and many other issues. The goal of Health education is to tell people and make them aware of the issues or problems which occur due to neglecting their health. It is a broader term and it includes sub-topics like drugs, tobacco, physical health, mental health, emotional health, and many other topics are also related.

It not only helps in physical health, mental health, and many more but also helps to motivate and teach people how to communicate and also helps to learn some skills too like motor skills, communication skills, etc. People also learn how to build confidence and self-confidence in themselves.

Importance of Health Education

People develop awareness and a positive environment towards health. People will also get motivated if they watch videos and stuff related to health and they will get inspired. This leads to their good health, Health Education will also help them to prevent many diseases, and will live longer as they won’t get premature death.

WHO(World Health Organisation), promotes health programs to aware people of the outcomes of health that can be positive and negative.

  1. Aware people and tell them at regular intervals about it.
  2. Maintains a healthy environment for people.
  3. It boosts energy by maintaining a balanced diet and exercise.
  4. It also improves your swift changes. When you start taking care of your health it will help you in your mood swings and will improve your changes.
  5. It will also lead to the growth of the economy.
  6. It makes them responsible as a community.
  7. People will remain healthy and it prevents them from premature death.
  8. It shapes people in a positive form.
  9. It builds youths in a positive way.
  10. It also helps the country to be free from many unknown diseases.

Health Education also includes

  1. Chronic diseases
  2. Any kind of injury
  3. Pregnant mother
  4. Infants
  5. Obesity
  6. Tobacco

Health advocates, communities, and health disparities conduct many seminars in schools, colleges, the government sector, the private sector, institutions, and many other places. They even conduct seminars in hospitals too.

Its knowledge is given by the professionals who are certified and they also went to a training session which is known as health educators.

Methods to Improve Health Education

It is very important and is known by all but no one gives as much importance to it as Health education deserves. People’s conditions are getting worse and are facing many health issues due to poor education about it. In various sectors many different ways to conduct and improve it:

  1. Especially in developing countries, It is important as it is most important to improve the better health of the public.
  2. In villages too, many people died because of diseases, and health issues because they didn’t have much knowledge about it. For villagers, health educators can conduct seminars and webinars weekly so that villagers can learn and take care of themselves.
  3. Health educators also conduct dramas, shows, etc to teach them about it in a very clean manner.
  4. In schools, it is very important for youths to know and learn all about it. It will be very beneficial for youths to know about it at such an early age and this will help to maintain a healthy future with no diseases if proper care and precautions were taken.
  5. In hospitals, clinics were also taking care and they also helped people to inform and inform them about health education.

The Government of India also launched and conducted many programs promoting health at its best. And also tells about the literacy rate. Both private and public sectors also ensure that it is supported by training programs that teach youths all about it.

Health Education in India

This was started in 1940 by Sir Joseph Bhore(Indian Civil Service) in 1940. As of now, there have been many camps, institutions are made which were done by professionals who are experts in this system. In India, there is a lot of multi-level infrastructure present. The Central Health Education Bureau works for health educators.

Thanks to the Government of India who takes a step ahead and initiates increasing health educators by providing them with training and skills. There are two types of Health educators namely, trained in the public health sector and getting a degree before specialisation.

Weakness of Health Education

  1. As This is reaching its peak, there are limited health educators, researchers, and many other things. This reduces the inability of health educators to promote it in every place.
  2. There are many illiterate people in India which is also considered as a weakness. As illiterate people can’t read or write.
  3. Youths find them non attractive so it may be a weakness.
  4. Health educators fail to be aware and inform people about many unknown diseases which can be considered as a weakness.
  5. There is a lack of campaigns and people aren’t aware of it in small areas.


In spite of all the innovations taken by the government, health educators still lack health educators. In India, many people are unaware of many health issues which is a weakness for India. The Government should find new ways to strengthen people about it. Many programs failed to create awareness of some diseases like Malaria, AIDS, etc. To achieve Health education success and achieve a World free from diseases, then there should be many precautions, training, and skills required.