Best Science Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle

Your muscle development requires a lot of effort and extreme precision so you can target the muscles for strength, shaping, development, and definition. From changing your lifestyle to adjusting your diet and taking time for workouts, you have to train your body to facilitate your body development. In most cases, when it comes to building muscles and size development, you cannot change the body structure and bone frame so you can just add to the muscle rather than changing the way your body looks. Moreover, you might have seen that people who start with bodybuilding and aim for muscle development eventually end up looking very bulky. This might be standard practice but not everyone aims for this. Most people aim for a very lean yet muscular body where their muscle definition is better, but it is all muscles and no extra fat. Moreover, if you are aiming for a body that is lean and strong your focus should be on the food quality and not on the calories. Consuming high-calorie food means you will be balancing the calorie count by focusing on energy exertion as well.

How Exertion And Diet Can Be Balanced For Better Output?

The process of muscle growth is very daunting and time-consuming if you want real, long-term results but it is very easy to understand. When assembling your routine, you have to select food items that can help you strengthen your muscles and help you improve their growth. Since muscles are mainly made of protein mainly, you will be required to mainly eat protein. Most of the protein items are all animal-based, although there are some plant-based protein items as well, however, animal-based portion items will offer you much more protein content within a very small portion. You will also get to notice that animal-based protein is never simple because usually, it comes with a thin fat layer no matter what kind of protein source you choose. Red meat usually has a relatively thicker fat layer whereas lean meat like chicken and fish usually has a lower fat content. While selecting your diet you have to make sure that you eat protein-only food rather than fat and protein mixed. One of the biggest issues is that usually when people eat protein for muscle growth, they end up consuming fat which impacts their weight gain, fat in the body, cholesterol level, and the way the body reacts when it has surplus fat in the body.

Since you are looking for a lean body structure, you have to be very selective about your diet. Here are some of the best food items that you can add to your diet for a better protein intake without eating too much fat. We will also offer a basic insight into the selection of food items so you can make your own meal plan and know why these food items are good for muscle building.

Start With a Calorie Limit

The calorie count is very important because as you will think about getting into shape, you have to start by setting a standard BMI. If you are already at your standard BMI but not in shape, you just need to focus on the definition and strength of your muscles with a good amount of food that offers enough nutrients. However, if you have a low BMI, this means you can eat more and so your calorie intake should be in surplus.

Fill Up Some Animal Protein

Animal protein is one of the most suggested and sought-after food items for muscle building. Animal protein will offer you to eat less while gaining more because most people complain that when they start dieting for muscle gain, they usually have to eat a lot of food. In fact, experts believe that if you aim to gain muscle, there is no substitute for the animal protein.

Mix It with Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based protein generally has a very good amount of fiber and no amount of fat. As a result, this will be a diet where you don’t have to stop yourself from eating. You can eat as much as you want, and this will offer you a good amount of nutrients that will support the body’s healing and streamline digestion and other body processes.

Stay On Good Fiber

Fiber is a very important part of the diet no matter what your aim is. This is mainly because when you eat fiber you are helping your body with digestion and with expelling the waste from the body. A good amount of carbs will also help in absorbing all the extra cholesterol and fat in the body. Most people take fiber generally through fruits, flax seeds, chia seeds, and whole grain items.

Pull Down On Carbs

When you think about good food, you will notice that most of the things that taste better are mainly carb based. Within this, you will find mono-sugar-based items that are very sweet and some complex carbs that are relatively less sweet. You have to keep in mind that cutting down on carbs is very important if you want to build muscle because most of the carbs are converted into fat when you don’t work out enough.

Stay Committed To a Balanced Diet

As you start your diet, you will notice that your food will be nothing but protein. As a result, the lack of carbs in your body will make you feel irritated and angry. Moreover, you will carve a lot of sugar all the time so when you lack control, the relapse is very natural. Your food should be healthy with a good carb content especially whole grain so your body will be able to digest food better.

Seasoning Helps

One of the biggest issues that most people face is that they feel diet food for gaining muscle is very bland. However, experts believe that it is better to season your food mainly because prices facilitate the digestion process, and you will be able to boost your metabolism if you choose to season your food right. So technically you will be getting a better taste and the spices will facilitate digestion by offering an extra metabolism boost.

Drink Some Water

When you start with muscle growth and try to fix your diet you will notice that your diet will consist of protein shakes mainly. However, to kick off the extra protein waste and ammonia you need a lot of water to detox your body and flush out the byproduct. This will also help in facilitating kidney function, so you don’t have to strain your kidneys.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, if you are targeting more muscle, your protein content should be more. This is not just limited to strength but mainly to the girth and thickness of the muscles. With every protein intake, you are basically facilitating the cell formation that is mainly protein based. On the contrary, if you are just focusing on a mix of fat and protein, you will gain weight along with muscle as well. To make sure your protein doesn’t have too much fat, your protein sources should be animal-based white meat and protein-based protein. To ensure that whatever you eat is fully digested and you don’t have an impact on digestion, your goal should be to add some fiber and whole grains to facilitate digestion. Relying on plant-based protein will be hard to digest and you will also be required to eat a lot just to fulfill your protein requirement, so it is much better to get a mix of both plant-based and animal-based protein.