A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Weight Gain journey

Good sleep, daily physical activity & adequate amount of nutrition are the basic elements of living a healthy life. Having a quality life makes you feel fresh every morning, and energetic, and the chances of getting affected by the diseases also get reduced.

The weight of the human body plays a very basic and important role in depicting one’s health. Being obese or underweight both can affect the body in different ways. Calculate your Body mass index and be aware of your weight.

Obesity can lead to various cosmetic concerns, heart problems, certain cancers while being underweight causes malnutrition, hypothermia, lower immunity, and more likelihood of dying at a younger age. There is a lot of information on how to reduce obesity, but having your body mass less than BMI can cause certain dangerous problems.

 So, let’s emphasize weight loss reasons, solutions to weight gain, and its benefits-

Who Needs Risks of Being underweight? Everyone According to the Experts

Nutritional deficiencies– Vitamin A, iodine, iron, and zinc are the most common nutrient deficiency.

Fertility problems – Complications at the time of pregnancy or nutrition insufficiency prevent weight gain further.

Weak immunity system – People having low immunity tend to suffer a lot more from several diseases which stop the body from gaining weight.

Lifestyle changes – lack of sleep or excess sleep can be the reason for loss of appetite.

Skin, hair, or teeth problems – Thiamin, and niacin deficiency cause several skins and palmar crease clefts respectively.

Fatigue – Excessive exercise without an inadequate diet will automatically drain your energy, So eat healthily.

Osteoporosis – Protein nutrition particularly leads to osteoporotic fracture, have a proper diet to maintain your balance up to the required BMI.

Why Are Reasons for Losing Weight Today’s Biggest Trend?

High metabolism – Fast burning of calories leads to loss of weight so quickly.

Genetic disposition – Low weight runs in the family.

Frequent exercise – Excessive physical activity with low intake of carbohydrates and proteins.

Physical illness – Diarrhoea, diabetes, and digestive issues also suppress weight gain.

Mental illness – Depression, anxiety, panic attacks.

Loss of appetite – eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Binge eating, etc.

After seeing the reason and the risks of being underweight, let’s not forget the important term ‘metabolism’ which plays a major role in weight gain.

 Metabolism is nothing but a simple set of chemical reactions that converts energy from food through the cellular process.There are two types of it, prior is low or slow in which few calories burn at rest or during any activity. Next is High or fast metabolism which is the exact opposite of it which highly affects the process of weight gain.

People suffering from secondary metabolism issues should consult a doctor or a nutritionist to start their healthy and safe journey. Here are some tips –

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism?

The first and foremost step you should do is ensure that your diet must be balanced, i.e. enough calories and proteins must be there for the progress of your height, age, and activity level. Gaining weight slowly proves to be better for health. According to National health care service recommends aiming-

Intake of dairy products such as full-fat milk, calorie-dense food like cheese yoghurt, etc.

Proteins like fish, meat, eggs, pulses, and beans.

Carbohydrates, oats, buckwheat, squash, winter root vegetables, and legumes.

Unsaturated oils

At least more than two portions of fruits and vegetables every day.

Increase your calorie intake by 700- 1000 calories.

Fill your diet with energy-dense food such as nuts, avocados, oils, grains, meat, and dried fruits.

Apart from these, physical activity, alcohol use, smoking, binge watching, and improper sleep are some of the common problems that lead you to lose weight, 

According to the Centres for disease control and prevention (CDC) being underweight is twice more common in women which generates certain diseases and also makes them incapable of pregnancy.


How to gain weight with a fast metabolism is such a common question nowadays and equally, it’s difficult to answer. Because everyone knows the cause and symptoms of weight gain and underweight but no one puts effort into maintaining their general health, it can be done even by yourself just take some time and focus on your lifestyle otherwise this can turn into certain life-threatening conditions.


Q1. Reasons for being underweight?

Ans. lack of exercise, health problems, vitamin deficiency. 

Q2. How to stay healthy?

Ans. Intake of proper diet.

Q3. Diet for high metabolism issues?

And. High calorie condensed food

Q4. Is weight gain such a serious issue?

Ans. No, But you need to keep track of your weight.