7 Exercises To Do Everyday For Beginners To Enjoy This Life


Exercises are the best part of our lives and we all have to do these things every morning before taking breakfast and after taking evening tea. These 7 exercises to do everyday are the only way to live a happy life. Many doctors and scientists also advise many human beings to do exercises daily to improve their daily routine of the lives.

There are seven different types of exercises I want to refer to everyone because of these I keep my mind fresh and calm. These are:

  1. JUMPING JACKS:  In this, we have to keep our hips and feet open and then 30 or 40 times we have to jump by opening and closing of feet with hands together. 

The advantages of this exercise are:

  • Develop stamina capacity
  • Improves heart rate and blood circulation.
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Improve stress-bearing capacity, and help to maintain body weight.

    2. SQUATS: These are the best exercise. 

  • The process of this is first open both hands parallel to the ground and then sit on the hips and stretch both feet at a distance of one foot. 
  • Do this exercise 10 to 20 times daily.

The advantages of this exercise are:

  • This helps burn a lot of weight and keeps the body fresh.
  • There may be some chances of wounds and gashes that may be not done while doing this exercise on feet.
  • Some bones and muscles will become healthier while doing this exercise.

    3. SIT-UPS: These are one of my best exercises because while doing these exercise whole of the body gets relaxed. 

  • First, stand properly and then meet both hands with the hips, and then start to do sit-ups.
  • This is one of my best exercises as every girl should have to do.
  • In the morning while we all have dinner at night getting converts into waste so by doing this exercise our stomach gets relaxed and there will be no chance of headaches.

The advantages of this exercise are:

  •  Lose body weight
  • Getting rid of so many aches in the body 
  • The full body feels fresh in the morning.

   4. AEROBICS: Aerobics is all about the movement of the whole body with music and this is the best part of everyone’s life that doing steps with music.

  • This is in all the young generation that doing different steps while listening to music.
  • There are so many things we all can do with music and it is a very big thing that exercises the whole body with music.
  • The whole of the body moved and sweat is released from the body while doing the steps.
  • The people when two or three together do the steps then it becomes so much awesome and healthy.

   5. YOGA: There are so many different types of yoga. In all of our daily lives, yoga is becoming very essential as it has so many benefits.

  • People all over the world do different pranayams that depend on inhaling and exhaling i.e means breathing.
  • There are many sites or babas in this universe who gave their strategies and it also became true that yoga is beneficial for health.
  • There are many different types of diseases in this world and many types of cancers and kidney problems get recover by doing yoga every morning.
  • It is considered one of the most important things that if everyone is lacking in their daily routine then they should have to do yoga and bring it into a routine to make themselves fit.

   6. SKIPPING: Skipping is one of the best exercises to lose belly and weight. In this, all the legs and hands are stretched out and the muscles also keep fit. 

  • In this, not only whole body get relaxed but blood circulation is also done.
  • The heartbeat rapidly increases and the journey of the total blood circulation gets done.
  • Stress gets released from the body and the thing is the body becomes more energetic than before.
  • There are so many cases in which we all have to travel alone so many times and for that, the stamina in the body is in need.
  • That also develops in the body when we do skipping exercises.
  • Every morning at least 50 times a girl or a boy should do this exercise.
  • There are so many girls in a group doing so many different types of exercise through the rope in a different way and they make two teams also and do a competition in that and the winning team also gets the reward.

   7. WALL PUSH UP: This is one of the exercises to get relief from, stress and pain that occur in the hands or palms.

  • While doing a lot of work many times we need some rest and take rest through walls and doors this is the exercise.
  • We have to keep both our hands attached to the walls and then make forward and backward the body from the wall.
  • Stress gets released and only positive vibes enter our body from the atmosphere.


These 7 exercises to do everyday are very best to live a comfortable life. In our daily lives, we all have to face a lot of problems every day. So to keep ourselves fit and safe we have to do these exercises daily. Muscles and bones if healthier than all things we will pick up comfortably and be able to do all the work properly.


1. Are these 7 exercises to do everyday  beneficial?

  • Yes, without any doubt and also practically without any harm not only body weight will reduce but stress also releases.

2. Is it ok to do squats every day?

  • Yes, to make the overall strength of the body this is nice to do squats every day.

3. Are squats good for females?

  • One of the most important benefits of squatting is it strengthens the lower part of the body in females.

4. Is there any difference that yoga is more beneficial than these exercises to do?

  • Every exercise has its benefits whether it is yoga or that will be simple exercise. But yes to burn calories warm-up exercises are more beneficial than simple pranayams.

Shairil Gupta

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