Best Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks For Health and Fitness

There is always a confusion regarding which alcohol to prefer. Should you go for wine, beer, or bourbon? Which alcohol will aid you in fat loss? All these questions that might arise in your mind might make you more and more confused. In this article, you will be told about low calorie alcoholic drinks that are available for consumption.

Through this article, you will get to know a package of options and ideas that you can opt for. These ideas and options are low in calories and very low in fat.

The Best Type of Alcohol for Fat Loss

It is not hidden from anyone that we have carbohydrates, fat, and protein under the category of macronutrients. But it is not known to many people that alcohol itself is a calorie. One gram of carbohydrates or fat equals four calories. One gram of fat equals nine calories. And one gram of alcohol has seven calories. So, as you can see, alcohol has more calories than carbohydrates and protein. though it is a little lower in calorie amount compared to fat. But still, it is very high in calories.

The reason behind alcohol being high in calories is that alcohol is made by fermenting starches and sugar. And so, this is one big reason why alcohol is lowering the fat, and that is not including the extra sugar that people add to their drinks. So, we now know that alcohol is a calorie, and when we drink alcohol, we cannot do anything to avoid the calories from alcohol itself. But what we can do is avoid adding extra sugar to it.

Go for plain flavoured alcohol.

Many people are unaware of the fact that when they go to their favourite store to get the flavoured version of their favourite alcohol beverage, in order to flavour it, they have to add a whole bunch of sugar to that drink, and they usually come with a lower alcoholic percentage. For example, an unflavored bottle of vodka will contain 40% alcohol, whereas a flavoured bottle of vodka will contain 35% alcohol and additional sugar.Not only is sugar added, but the sugar alcohol ratio is also altered.More sugar and less alcohol and you will probably end up drinking more.

Some low calorie alcoholic drinks

Everclear is composed of 90% alcohol and 5% water.There is no sugar added, which in turn will lower the calorie intake. It is just plain alcohol. So, Everclear is a great option for a low-calorie alcoholic drink.

Plain Unflavored Vodka, rum, whisky, red wine and beer are the other great options available. Though in red wine and beer, there is additional sugar added to them, which adds to the calorie intake. Therefore, you can opt for the other mentioned options. And in the case of beer, due to its being less alcoholic, you will have to drink more of it in order to get drunk. But that will also allow the inflow of extra calories that are present in it and particularly, which we would like to avoid here.

Negative Side

Whatever alcoholic beverage you choose to consume, alcohol has negative effects not only on the body but also on muscle building.So, if you are reducing your muscle growth rate, you will also slow down your metabolism, which in turn will slow down the fat loss that you will experience in the process.

The other problem with alcohol itself is that when alcohol is induced into your body system, the same organs that were once responsible for converting stored body fat into energy, which is what fat loss truly is, are now primarily responsible for getting that alcohol out of your body, out of your system, and cleansing your body from those toxins.

And last but not least, the most threatening effect of alcohol is that it will turn a pig. It means that your appetite will be affected. Once you have been drinking, you will be attracted to junk food with decreased will power and even if it increases your appetite and makes you crave more junk food.


When you choose the type of alcohol to drink, remember to get hold of the ones with a low calorie option. Remember to make it as sugar-free as possible. Unflavored alcohols will be recommended over flavoured drinks as the latter contain more sugar, which contributes to calorie intake, which we are badly trying to avoid. Also, beware that alcohol consumption reduces your willpower to avoid junk and increases your craving for it even more.