Best Arm Endurance Workout That Every Boxer Must Do

Being a boxer the very first thing you will learn is to focus on the way you throw a punch. Throwing an ideal punch is an art. You need to master the art of precision then polish the speed and finally look at the timing. Apart from this, you also need to know when and how you can make your punch powerful. If you get too close to the opponent, you might end up facing serious consequences. On the contrary if you stay very far away, there is a high chance that you will get injured faster. From maintaining a safe distance to ensuring that your punch is powerful enough to move the opponent, you need to make sure that you are working fine. Moreover, when you spend too much energy you also need to make sure you are not getting tired right away, instead, you are throwing powerful punches throughout the game without getting tired.

With the help of this article, we will look at an easy endurance workout program that will help you focus on your arm muscles. We will look at how you can improve the ability of your muscles so you can throw better punches with full precision and power without getting tired. The goal of this workout is to help you know how to generate a power throw core and how to improve the capacity of your muscles.

What Is Endurance And Why Do You Need It For Boxing?

Most people think that the technique is enough to help you win a game. Well, you might be surprised how many people are good with the techniques of boxing but they fail when it comes to endurance. The idea of endurance is that you will have to help your body stand through the intense practice and intense fight in the ring without getting tired. This can be done if you maintain a good power economy within your body, so you don’t end up attacking someone with the full power of your body for the first few minutes and then giving up once you reach the second half of the fight. To make this possible you need a good endurance program that can help you work on your power.

Arm Endurance Workout for Boxers

Stretching and Gripping Techniques

This is the very exercise that you need to add to your workout. You will start by stretching your hands on both sides and then moving them in 360 so you can use them in a good way to support your movement and make it more effortless. This will take just five minutes and once done, you can then move to the gripping techniques. Most people use grip handlers but if you have a tennis ball, you can practice with that as well.

Interval Punching

Interval punching is just like a high-intensity interval program but with the help of punching only. You will set a two-minute time where you will have ten seconds of resting time after a 40-second high-intensity punching session.

Speed Punching

Speed punching is a very good technique that will help you work on your speed.  For this workout, you will start with a very small punching time window starting from just a few seconds and then move to a long punching speed. This will help you work on your speed as well as the technique at the same time.

Heavy Bag Punching

A heavy bag workout is so far the most important one because with the help of a heavy bag you will aim to move the bag that has enough weight just like your opponent. With a heavy bag set a two-minute intensity timer.

Double Attack Style

The double attack is another very good technique because you will use a heavy bag where your focus will be on attacking on your shoulder level with two punches and then moving down towards the height of your core. This is also known as the combination technique so make sure you are using the right technique. The best way to practice this is if you stand at least half arm’s length apart and then focus on the way your elbows move.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is an excellent workout for boxers that will help you work on balancing your body, working on your proximity, and controlling your feet at the same time. Apart from this, you will be moving your arms fully while focusing on the shoulder muscles as well as the biceps and the upper back muscles.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, most people invest in lengthy workout programs that take more than a few weeks. However, you have to build a powerful workout program that is progressive, so you don’t end up tiring yourself in the first round. Apart from this, most people keep working on hour-long endurance programs which might be a good thing but in the long run, you cannot spend such a long time in the gym as you have to focus on the technical training as well. In this condition, your goal should be to change the intensity and then add the maximum number of variations so you can target the same muscles with the help of different workouts. Although this might be a little tiring, your muscles will get used to the change and so when you get in the ring, you will perform much better.