Benefits of napping for our daily activities

A nap is 20-30 minutes of small sleep that usually takes place during the daytime. It is a short period of sleep that helps in improving memory and in reducing tiredness, hence, bringing freshness. It is one of the best ways to feel energetic. Studies have shown that those who take an afternoon nap work more efficiently than those who don’t.

It should be noted that it is a short period of sleep that is not more than 30 minutes. If sleeping more than this can make you feel lazier instead after waking up. So it should be taken with care.

Why is a nap important?

Studies have shown that in the afternoon, oxygen supply to the brain reduces which causes laziness and tiredness and reduces the efficiency of work. That’s why many people claims of

getting yawning post lunch. But it has been observed that those people who take an afternoon nap show better results in terms of memory and efficiency. Thus it is important to increase productivity.

Benefits of napping

Improves memory

Studies have shown that a short nap leads to better memory hence it is very beneficial, especially for students.  

●  Enhances creativity

Many people claimed that post-lunch, they observed a reduction in their creativity. For them, napping is essential as it leads to better creativity.

Increases productivity

It enhances productivity to a large extent.

Increases efficiency

It has been shown that 30 minutes of sleep increases efficiency and hence leads to becoming more successful.

Improves the mood

Due to stress and anxiety or any personal reasons, many people were observed to be in a bad mood which affects their work. For them, short sleep can improve their mood. 

Enhances the alertness

It helps in improving the power of our senses and hence it enhances alertness. 

Ease stresses

The stress level has risen due to an overload of work. For them, napping is not only going to improve their efficiency but will also lead to reducing their stress level.

Good for heart:

It has been shown that napping causes a calming effect and helps in improving the health of the cardiovascular system.

How long should I nap?

There are 4 stages of sleep

Stage 1: It is the lightest stage of sleep that lasts for up to the first 7


Stage 2: Stage 1 is followed by stage 2 which lasts for about 10-20 minutes

and in this period, our muscles get relaxed but sleep is still light.

Stage 3: Sleep is comparatively deeper difficulty observed while waking up

on the stage. It usually lasts for about 20-35 minutes. 

Tips for taking a perfect nap

Where, when, and How long you are supposed to take a nap is very important to get the maximum benefits. These factors affect a person who is supposed to take a nap in the form of his/her productivity. So before taking it, it is essential to find the answers to these 3 questions : Where, When, and how long you are planning to take it.


Nap helps in improving the memory, creativity, and productivity of a person. It boosts the efficiency of a person and helps in getting better results. It not only affects our activities but also improves our health. It improves cardiovascular health and helps in maintaining better blood circulation throughout the body. But care should be taken while taking an afternoon nap as it is a short sleep and hence more sleep better can instead cause laziness.

Frequently Asked Questions

●  When should I take a nap?

It depends from person to person. Usually taking a nap post-lunch that is between 2-3 PM is considered to be the best time.  

●  What happens due to lack of sleep?

It will affect our health and causes neurological problems and can cause problems like Alzheimer’s. 

●  Do old adults also need to take a nap?

It has been shown that the sleeping period reduces with age. But still, it is preferred to take it as it has many benefits.