Concept2 BikeErg with PM5 Monitor: In-Depth Review

Concept2, a fitness equipment wholesaler, is one of the most well-known brand names in the sport of rowing. They started out manufacturing ergometers, or indoor rowing machines, that professional rowers use to train when not able to get into boats on the water. These pieces of equipment are known as the industry standard in professional rowing, and one can be found in almost every boathouse. 

Since the rowing erg took off, Concept2 has also developed the innovative BikeErg, a piece of equipment modelled after the rowing machine but one that focuses on the sport of biking. It is much more than your average spin bike, with an intelligent design and unique features that put it in its category of fitness equipment. 

This in-depth review will take you through everything you need to know about the Concept2 BikeErg. We’ll start by going over the basic specs of the machine and how it functions. Then, the following section will describe in detail the functions of the performance monitor.

Concept2 BikeErg: What Is It?

The BikeErg is Concept2’s newest innovative exercise machine. Like its predecessors, the BikeErg uses air resistance technology to create a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride that mimics the feeling of riding on the road.

The aluminium frame itself is lightweight in comparison to most other types of indoor training bikes. With small wheels attached to the front end and a small footprint, the BikeErg is a cinch to move and store.

The bike also comes with a state-of-the-art performance monitor that tells you far more than just your speed and rotations per minute. The following section will cover the unique features of the Concept2 Bike Erg PM5 Monitor.

PM5 Performance Monitor

This version of Concept2’s performance monitor is the most sophisticated yet. The screen display is large and clean, as opposed to earlier models, which sometimes appear grainy. Whereas the earlier models sometimes lag, the PM5 is quick, sharp, and responsive. This section will get into some of the features that make this piece of fitness equipment a must-have.

The first function we want to mention is the tremendous amount of data units it can provide. With a BikeErg, you’ll know speed, distance, pace, calories, and watts in a customizable, easy-to-read display. These statistics update every second of your workout, and when you are finished, you can access the data for the entire session with the “Memory” function.

The monitor’s memory is nearly unlimited and can store thousands of workouts, making it easier than ever to track your progress from week to week, month to month, and even year to year.

If you prefer to “Just Ride,” you can start pedalling, and the monitor will light up and start providing data without even needing to press a button. For those that want to program a workout, whether it’s single time, single distance, or intervals, the PM5 monitor is intuitive and easy to operate. 

The PM5 monitor on the Concept2 BikeErg has a USB port and is compatible with Bluetooth as well, meaning it can connect to almost any device you’d like. Many users have wireless heart rate monitors that they connect to the monitor to track and display their pulse in real time while training. 

A device holder is also included as an accessory to the BikeErg itself. This holder will fit most smartphones and tablets if you want to watch something other than the PM5 monitor while riding.

The PM5 monitor requires two D batteries to operate. However, one of this machine’s unique features is that it also draws power from the spinning of the flywheel, which can significantly extend the lifespan of the batteries.

Another one of the most innovative features of this PM5 monitor is its ability to connect to other BikeErgs, whether they are located in the same gym or on the other side of the globe. This makes possible all kinds of indoor racing and competition, which can be highly motivational for training. BikeErgs can connect to one another both with wires and via Bluetooth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this fitness equipment wholesaler’s Concept2 BikeErg with PM5 monitor. 

Is the BikeErg adjustable? 

Yes, the BikeErg is adjustable to fit almost any body size. Both the handlebars and the saddle can be readjusted vertically and horizontally. No special tools are needed to make these adjustments. 

Additionally, the BikeErg is designed to fit most standard bike parts. This quality means that if you want to bring your pedals, saddle, or handlebars, it is possible to replace these default parts with your ones. For instance, some riders prefer to use clipless pedals on their bikes. These are easily transferred to the BikeErg with a few standard tools.

Does the BikeErg have a weight limit?

Yes. The maximum body weight recommended for a rider is 300 pounds.

Does the BikeErg have gears?

Although Concept2’s BikeErg resembles the feeling of riding a road bike more than most other stationary bikes, it does not have traditional gears. Rather than shifting gears to change the resistance level, the BikeErg has an adjustable damper to make each pedal easier or harder. 

Lowering the damper will make pedalling easier. Raising the drag to a higher number will make pedalling more difficult but generate more power per rotation.

What other fitness equipment does Concept2 make?

First and foremost, Concept2 is known for its RowErg. This piece of equipment is an indoor rowing machine. It resembles the BikeErg and uses the same PM5 monitor and flywheel power system. 

Concept2 also makes a SkiErg, which was initially developed so that cross-country skiers could practice the movement of their sport during non-winter months. The SkiErg also features a flywheel and PM5 monitor.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The BikeErg with PM5 Monitor from the fitness equipment wholesaler Concept2 is genuinely the best of its kind, with its state-of-the-art flywheel combined with its statistical capabilities. While its first users were professional rowers who were cross-training outside of their primary sport, this fitness equipment has proven to be perfect for any gym or home workout studio.