What Is The Best Diet For Women Over 50?

With the increasing age, the women also require a healthy diet so that their brain and heart functions work properly, and their overall health remains in good position.

The diet should be like that every woman can afford it easily. So, basically the diet is categorised into 8 types:

●     Dash diet

●     Mediterranean diet

●     Flexitarian diet

●     Mind diet

●     Paleo diet

●     Volumetrics diet

●     Mayo clinic diet

●     Diet with low carb

Dash Diet:- 

This diet is taken to prevent the problem of high blood pressure.

This diet consists of food that has enough calcium, magnesium and potassium and low quantity of sodium, the mixture of these help in reducing the blood pressure.

Ex- fruits, vegetables, dairy products with low fat etc.

Mediterranean diet:- 

It is a diet that is considered to be the most healthy diet for all including the women over 50.

In this diet there is low content of saturated fat and consists of items like nuts, olive oil,  fruits, grains, fish, red meat etc.

According to the research it is also found that this diet prevents women from various heart related diseases, diabetes, and cancer also.

Flexitarian diet:- 

It is a diet that is semi – vegetarian in nature, and consists of dairy products, fish, meat etc.

This diet  contains a good amount of omega-3 fat and iron which are very necessary for women’s health, and they are present in fish and meat in sufficient amounts. Also contains enough calcium that is essential for making the bones of women strong.

This diet helps in reducing diabetes, High B.P and cholesterol.

Mind diet:- 

It is a diet which is designed to minimise the risk of Alzheimer disease and also other age related diseases with increasing age. This diet is a combination of Mediterranean diet and Dash diet and contains the properties of both.

Ex- olive oil, grains, leafy greens etc.

It is researched that people who follow a regular Mind diet have very less possibility of diseases as compared to those who do not follow regularly and properly.

Paleo diet:- 

It is a type of diet with high quantity of protein in it, and low quantity of fat and carbohydrate. Ex- nuts, eggs, fruits, fish, etc.

Volumetrics diet:- 

This diet divides the food into 4 parts based on their density of calories. This diet is full of fibre, minerals, and all important nutrition. This diet also helps in losing weight.

Mayo Clinic Diet:- 

This diet follows a pattern of pyramids that encourage healthy food with exercise or physical activity.

Diet with low carb:- 

It is also intake at the time of weight loss and prevents various heart related diseases. 

Other than these diets the basic nutrients that women over age of 50 should intake are:


It is very necessary for the women for their healthy muscles, because at this age they are not so much engaged in exercises or any working activity. So, they should consume enough protein.

Ex- eggs, pulses, nuts, soybean etc.


With the increasing age the bones of women start getting weak and the chances of breaking the bones starts increasing. So for calcium Women should intake dairy products approximately 1200 mg daily.

Vitamin B-12:-

It is also essential for keeping RBC healthy and proper functioning of the brain.

For Vitamin B-12 they should consume eggs because it is considered the best source of it. Other ex- Fish, grains, meat etc. They should consume around 2-3 micrograms of Vitamin B-12 in a day regularly.

Also Vitamin D should also be taken by women daily because it keeps their bones strong.

In short some foods that women of all age should take in their diet are as follows:

  • Green Vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Beans
  • Lean Protein
  • Berries 
  • Grains and nuts 
  • Fish and eggs etc.

Also they should minimise the amount of foods like:-

1.   Reduce the amount of saturated fat in the diet like cheese.

2.   No consumption of toxic substances like alcohol.

3.   Less consumption of sodium in the diet.

4.   Limit the amount of calories.


Because of poor nutrition taken by women they suffer from various diseases and to prevent these diseases women should consume a healthy diet that is full of all the nutrition and that makes their bones and muscles strong and healthy.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions):-

1. Is a low- fat diet safe for women?

●  Yes, if you feel any doubt you can also consult your doctor also.

2. Why take fruits and vegetables in more quantities?

●  It is because they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

3. Does healthy food can be afforded in less budget?●  Yes, obviously. Best ex- eggs, fruits, vegetables.