Benefits Of Vitamin C | Why We Need It And Sources

Vitamin c is known for its vital properties and healing properties which are a “sanjeevani” for our body. Vitamin c is considered to be the gem nutrition for our skin, hair, nails, beauty etc. The major fruits and vegetables in place to be very rich with vitamin c content are lemon, orange, tomato etc. Basically citrus fruit is known for vitamin c.

It also helps to cure and work as medicinal properties that help to cure major skin and other diseases.

It plays an important role in our immune system and helps to glorify our organs and also works as a super cleanser for our body to perform well.

You can also mention vitamin-c by other names such as:

  • L -ascorbic acid
  •  Ascorbic acid
  •  Ascorbate

Now let’s know the beneficial properties of vitamin C

Vitamin -c is a common nutrient found in most fruits and vegetables and almost in every citrus fruit. According to the expert, the consumption of vitamin c on a daily basis is very important as you can take other nutrients and vitamins.

According to the expert, the blood level of higher nutrition is marked as the ideal nutrition level . It is important to the human beings to take sufficient and better amounts of vitamin c on a daily basis.

It also helps to purify other vulnerable and unwanted substances from our body. And make our organs and body clean.

According to the experts, the consumption of vitamin c on a daily basis helps to protect from cancer.

Benefits of vitamin C are following

Wound healing properties

  • Vitamin c plays a vital role to cure our wound and make it markless on skin.
  • People who have insufficient amounts of vitamin c in their body are less likely to cure their wounds fast.
  • According to the experts and doctors, the patient with stitches and deep wounds is consuming the medicine of vitamin c to cure them faster.

Diabetes cure properties

The tested and trusted way to cure diabetes or to control sugar level in patients, it seems that vitamin c is one of the best ways to light and control them. It controls the glycogen level in the patient’s body, and helps to control his sugar level.


Vitamin-c helps in the anaemia patient too to regulate blood and purify it. Vitamin-c has properties of purifying. So it is recommended by doctors to give patients the vitamin-c supplement with iron pills.

Skin fitness benefits

  • The benefits of vitamin C are clearly seen on skin care brands and it is seen that vitamin C is one of the best nutrients for healthy and glowing skin.
  • Famous market brands and even home remedies of skin care recommended vitamin C to add on the recipe of home skin care remedies.

The sources of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables.

  • Guavas

Guava is found to be one of the best fruits, enriched with vitamin-c, a single guava contains 125mg of vitamin c, or 138% of the DV. although guava is tasty to eat and the juice of guava is also tasty to consume. So in all hands it is a beneficial fruit for vitamin-c.

  • Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is small size fruit with lots of benefits , with around 70mg of vitamin C per medium kiwi source of ounce, it is considered a high rich amount of vitamin-c fruit.

  • Strawberries

You can clearly see the benefits of vitamin C in some berries, one of the tastiest and most beautiful berries with 85 mg vitamin C is strawberry. They are tasty as well as helpful and rich in vitamin-c.

  • Tomatoes

You’ll get around 20 mg of vitaminC in one tomato. It is one of the most common vegetables in every house. But no one actually knows the value of it. It is beneficial in consumption as well as using its pulp in face packs or in tan skin posture.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes are also a very common ingredient or vegetable in every household. It is rich with vitamin-c and you will get 20mg of vitamin-c in regular size of potato. It is also used in tan treatment remedies at home.

How much vitamin C is enough

The safer consumption of taking vitamin-c is 2000 mg/day. But taking 500mg of vitamin-c on a daily basis is also a safer consumption and healthier as well to full-fill the need of vitamin-c.

Lack of vitamin-c in diet leads to many diseases. Such as:

1. Bleeding gums

2. Skin disease

3. Anaemia

4. Scurvy

Any many more diseases that are seamless. It is seen in malnourished adults and in children who are stubborn in eating food.


1. How much vitamin C consumption is safe?

ANS. taking 2000mg per day is the safest consumption according to the doctor.

2. Are vitamin C capsules beneficial for face use?

ANS. Yes, it is beneficial but recommended by doctors before use because some skin have allergic properties.

3. Does vitamin C cure skin burn and tan? 

ANS.  yes, it is one of the best and effective and chemical less methods to cure your sun tan and burning.